Muhammad Haseeb

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Doctoral student at New York University (NYU)
MacCracken fellow at NYU GSAS
Working in the Systems group Systems@NYU
Office: Room 444, 60 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 | +1(646)240-6375

cd ./research_interests && ls

  1. Computer Networks
  2. Distributed Systems
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Internet Measurements
  5. Applied Machine Learning

Research Papers

Using Application Layer Banner Data to Automatically Identify IoT Devices | Second Author

JSLite: An ML-driven Browser Plugin for Lightweight Mobile Pages | First Author

  • This paper is submitted (now rejected, its future is being planned) at USENIX ATC (previous plan of submitting at OSDI changed) and I am the first author of this paper.
  • Supervisors: Dr. Fareed Zaffar (Associate Professor, LUMS), Dr. Yasir Zaki (Assistant Professor, NYU Abu Dhabi)


Summer Research Project, LUMS | Grant winner

  • Won Summer Research Project grant from LUMS Computer Science Department
  • Worked at Internet Security and Privacy Lab (ISPL) under Dr. Mobin Javed’s supervision on a reproducibility study
  • Re-implemented and evaluated Acquisitional Rule-based Engine for Discovering IoT Devices (from USENIX’18)
  • Reported about the efforts and ambiguities around re-implementation and evaluation of the work
  • Work got accepted as a research paper (Research Papers Section: 1).

Research Collaboration with ComNets Lab, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)

  • Collaborated with ComNets Lab at NYUAD for my undergraduate thesis
  • Worked under Dr. Fareed Zaffar (LUMS) and Dr. Yasir Zaki (NYUAD)
  • Developed JSLite, an ML-based browser plugin for optimizing the websites’ performance by automatically removing unnecessary parts of the JavaScript code present in them
  • Evaluated the plugin on 500 popular pages and the results showed that the plugin reduced the Mean Page Load Time by 50% while retaining above 90% similarity with the original pages
  • Compared the plugin with a similar tool JSCleaner and found that JSLite wins over JSCleaner both in terms of reducing page load time and retaining structural and functional similarity with the original pages.
  • Work has been submitted as a research paper at USENIC ATC (Research Papers Section: 2).

Teaching Assistant (TA) | Five Terms

  • Worked as Teaching Assistant for five semesters and four different courses
  • The courses: Networks Security, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Introduction to Programming

Software Engineer at PosterMyWall, Pakistan

  • Duties include setting up CI/CD pipeline, backend development and implementing security practices in the site
  • Mainly working with JavaScript, PHP, AWS and UNIX

Other Projects

Khaata Mobile Application | Software Engineering Project | React Native | Firebase | Teamwork

  • Android and iOS application for maintaining daily balance logs where users can debit or credit money tokens to each other and retrieve their record of net debit/credit with their friends.
  • The goal was to go through a complete software engineering process cycle required for creating a software.

Covid-19 Predictions using Soft Computing

  • Used Evolutionary algorithms for optimizing R-naught value of Covid-19 spread in Pakistan
  • Evaluation showed that when this unprecedented technique is coupled with other Covid-19 predictions’ methods, the accuracy improves substantially (e.g., 5% improvement in accuracy for simple Neural Networks)

cd /user/haseeb/relevant_courses && ls

  1. Topics in Internet Measurements
  2. Networks Security
  3. Introduction to Internet: Architecture and Protocols
  4. Network-Centric Computing
  5. Distributed Systems

Le Extracurricular

Former Executive Council member for Amnesty International (LUMS Chapter)
Former Senior Manager at LUMS Marketing Executive Club

tail -f /haseeb/Interesting_Things>

  • I have taken many graduate level courses in my undergrad, actually more than any other fellow undergraduate.
  • I have taken a wide variety of courses including Economics, Finance and Genetics
  • I really love teaching which is one of the reasons of doing five TA-ships during my undergrad.
  • Hit me up for better interesting things.